A downloadable game for Windows

Two For One is a game about 2 brothers who have lost their home planet. it's your job to help them, alone or together with someone else, find their home planet! Puzzle your way trough lots of levels to get back home! 

Push boxes, open doors and jump on your friend's head to solve all kinds of puzzles!

Be sure to join the discord to stay up to date of all the updates and get a key for the alpha!  https://discord.gg/sSE2Ya

Also, the steam store is live! 

Talking about updates. All further updates will be pushed to steam! and you can get an alpha key in the Discord! (there will be no updates to itch anymore D:)

Be sure to stay up to date at the Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoForOne/

Use the w/a/s/d keys to move player 1 (the green brother)

Use the arrow keys to move the player 2 (the blue brother)

Pause the game with [esc]

and reset the room you are in with [R]

Install instructions

Unpack the .rar and dubble click the .exe in the folder 


TwoForOne_V0.2.2.rar 16 MB


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Fun game, and a good difficulty curve. :)


Thanks for plsying the game!